Welcome to ACCOMPANY

If you are reading this, you have just become a client, welcome on board! We are very happy to have you as a client and we will do our best to support you and your business objectives to your complete satisfaction.


In order to be clear on how we work and where we need your collaboration in order to perform best, here are some housekeeping guidelines.

Platform Connectivity

Welcome to our professional platform for accounting and payroll management. If you have contracted our accounting services, you will receive an invitation to connect to our accounting platform, Anfix. Follow the instructions to connect and consult the “First Steps with Anfix” in this Library. If you have also contracted our payroll services, you will additionally receive an invitation to connect with the Payroll Portal.

Once you have registered as a user, you should always connect by clicking on the “Contact” page on our webpage and scroll down to the “Client Area” to access the Accounting or Payroll portal. Here you can safely enter the system by entering your registered email or username and password. Please do not use other access routes to assure your personal data is protected according to the latest technology and legislation.

Adding Additional Modules

Once connected, and depending on the service level you have contracted, you can add additional functionalities to your account, like connecting your bank account, payment systems, webshop (Woocommerce, Magento, Shopify, Prestashop), CRM (Teamleader), inventory control or project management.

Preparing and Sending Invoices

The platform includes an invoicing function that allows you to manage all your customers and suppliers in the system. You can design and prepare your invoices and send them directly from the platform. In order for the system to work correctly, please make sure to keep your customer details up to date and to emit all your sales invoices using the system.

Uploading your Incoming Invoices and Tickets

We offer convenient and 100% digital methods for transferring your documentation to us. You will be provided with a dedicated email address to send your PDF documents and an App to take pictures of your tickets and receipts. Before uploading your incoming invoices, please make sure to create and update your supplier details in the system.

Cloud-based and Paperless

We prioritize environmental sustainability and operational efficiency by working entirely paperless and being cloud-based. This means that you can connect with your account 24/7 from around the world, but this also means we do not accept any paper-based documentation. We offer several convenient ways to digitally upload your documentation: By photo with your mobile telephone, to an OCR email address or by dragging and dropping your incoming invoices and receipts directly into the application.

Reliable and Updated Information

We strive to have the accounts up to date on a daily basis; however, we can only do this if our clients provide us with information on a daily basis as well. So we will have to work together to make this happen, so make it a habit to take 5 or 10 minutes every day to upload any new documentation. In any case, we consolidate accounts on a monthly basis and will give you a “heads up” if any information is missing.

Publication of Tax Declarations

Once we have prepared and presented your tax declarations, we will upload these to Anfix. You can access them by navigating to “Complementos” and then selecting “Documentos”. Here you can also consult all your uploaded incoming invoices and receipts. We will notify you each quarter when the latest declarations have been published.

Monthly Payslips

If you have contracted our personnel management services, you will receive a complete HR file every month by email or through our HR Portal. This file will include all your payslips, cost summaries and the relevant social security documents. If you have contracted the employee portal, contracts, payslips and certificates will be published automatically in the portal for you and your employees.

Consultations, Calls and Meetings

Our communications are based on Microsoft Teams to make them as efficient as possible without the need for displacements. The meetings are online and multimedia accessible on a PC or on a mobile phone with the Microsoft Teams App installed. You can program your meetings according to your needs on our booking page. You can also navigate there by going to our website.

News and Updates

We regularly publish relevant news and updates on our page on LinkedIn. In order to receive alerts when there is a new publication, please navigate to this address and click on the “follow” button.

Reviews on Google

You can publish and read reviews of other clients on Google.