Payroll Portal

A collaborative cloud based platform

Guide to the payroll portal

The payroll portal offers a single online system for employee administration that provides greater transparency, optimizes processes and offers inmediate data access.

Information can be easily updated, and access to documents like payslips, certificates, benefits, working time, and attendance are centrally available.

The system also offers an employee communication system through a digital bulletin board, so relevant information can be distributed efficiently.

Your access

In order to access the portal, please navigate to the below address and choose the payroll.

To log in to Accompany payroll’s portal for the first time, you will have to register using your Spanish ID Number (DNI, NIE or NIF) for both the username and the password. Bear in mind that the ID must be in capital letters. Once you have logged in for the first time, you will have to change your password for security and privacy reasons.

In case you forget your password, click on “Reset Password” on the home page. The system will ask you to indicate your email, where you will receive instructions to obtain a new one.

Employee functionalities

Accessing the Payroll Portal as an employee, you can consult your personal information and documents and make requests for, for example, sick leave or holidays.

Once connected, you will see on the left side of the screen an index with all the portal utilities, including calendar, time keeping, updating of information and access to your documents in one place.

You can also consult the latest news and updates posted by your company and see relevant events on the calendar. Finally, you can start or stop the clock of your time registration with one click.

Employee information

In the “My Information” section, you will be able to consult your personal data, documents, contract history, payslips, absences-, vacation- and time keeping status.

Here you will also find the link to the “Requests” section where you can modify your information and request changes, holidays or absences.

Employee requests

In the “Requests” section, you will find a number of options that enable you to plan and request your vacation, notify an absence, modify your personal data, emergency contact information, and, for example, update your photo, address or bank account number

Vacation and absence planning

To request your leave, select the days in the calendar and click on “Request”. In case you have vacation days left from the previous year, you will need to select the previous year’s calendar from the “Vacation Planning” drop-down menu. If your leave is approved but you decide to cancel it, you must deselect these days in the calendar. They will now appear in purple, and once approved by your supervisor, your vacation balance will be as before. To know the meaning of each colour you can click on legend.

Time management

To check your time registration record you can do it either from “My Information” and clicking on “My time keeping report” or from the button in the upper right corner of the portal homepage.

Here you can also easily clock in or clock out with one click on the button. In case you have forgotten to clock in or clock out you can send a request to the administrator to rectify incorrect entries.

Employee app

Employees can access the App on their mobile telephone browser at Once there, clock in, clock out options, work schedule and timekeeping records are available.

An overview of vacation or other absence requests can also be accessed, as well as a summary of the latest news published by the company.

Besides, the App facilitates requests for the inclusion of forgotten clock in or clock out registrations. Location of time registration records is possible with previous consent of the employee.

Administrator access

When logging in as an adminstrator, you will have access to an extended menu that will allow you to have an overview of all employees, documents, requests, absences and holidays.

Please note that you will see all functionalities available, but only the ones activated for your company will be operational like for example “Training” or “Selection”.

At the same time, you will have the same functionalities as any employee through the “My information” option for managing your personal information and requests.

Internal communication

Using the option “Internal Communication” you will be able to create and publish internal communications and control versions and expiration dates.

The incorporated text editor will allow you to design your communication just like a regular text editor, using different fonts, colour and images.

Managers will be able to notify specific employees or groups of employees depending on their responsibilities, active projects, or position within the organization.

People management

The “People Management” option will allow you to visualize and control all HR processes within your company, concentrating all information and requests in one place.

You can create reports or use any of the already preconfigured standard reports providing a centralized access to all HR information at company and individual employee level.

You may also consult any documents which have been uploaded, such as contracts, payslips, certificates, personal documentation, social security documents and more.


From pre-payroll you can add new employees to the system, confirm trial periods, administer compensation for dismissal and absences due to long-term illness or approve substitutions.

If you work with variable concepts, it is important to define, revise and approve them before the monthly payroll run so that they are correctly reflected in the month’s payslips.

Also, you can set alerts of scheduled reports to warn the workcenter manager or HR department that a contract is about to expire to ensure the proper action is taken.


You can keep a convenient control of days and hours worked thanks to the aggregation of absences and vacations within the timekeeping module.

You will be able to configure a personalised company calendar or to create reports reflecting monthly totals by employee or location.

You will also be able to correct or modify the timekeeping report for a single employee or massively enter standard working hours to be approved.

More information

If you need more information or support please contact, we will be happy to further inform you!


The information contained herein is of a general nature, and subject to changes. Applicability to your specific situation should be determined through consultation with our tax or legal advisors.