Essential Services

Whether you are an investor or an entrepreneur, there are a number of basic things that you will need when operating in Spain. That is why we have put together a comprehensive set of services to cover any additional needs related to your Business or Real Estate activity. This way we can offer our clients a convenient one-stop experience without the need to look any further.

Registration Support

Ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements is essential for businesses operating in Spain. Our team assists clients in completing necessary registrations, including tax numbers (such as DNI, NIE, NIF), social security registration (NAF, NASS, CCC), permits, licenses.

Relevant documentation vital for establishing legal presence and conducting operations in the Spanish market. By streamlining these processes, we expedite clients’ entry into the Spanish market and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations. Additionally we offer comprehensive guidance on navigating intricate legal frameworks and providing insights into evolving regulatory landscapes to preemptively address compliance challenges, safeguarding our clients’ long-term success in Spain. Contact Us

Power of Attorney

Accompany assists in drafting and understanding a power of attorney within the Spanish legal framework. Our legal team helps clients define the scope of the power of attorney and identify the specific tasks and responsibilities granted to the agent.

We ensure that the power of attorney complies with all legal requirements and that the powers are clearly defined, safeguarding the interests of the principal. With our guidance clients can act with confidence, effectively managing and understanding the complex legal aspects of a power of attorney. Contact Us

Bank Accounts

Selecting the right bank account is crucial for businesses operating in Spain. Our team provides comprehensive guidance on choosing suitable accounts, considering factors such as transaction fees, interest rates and accessibility. Additionally, we facilitate remote account openings with the required documentation, simplifying the process for our clients. By offering tailored solutions and ensuring compliance with banking regulations, we go beyond mere account selection to help clients establish efficient banking arrangements that align with their specific needs and goals.

Through our expertise we assist in optimizing financial structures, enhancing liquidity management, and maximizing returns on investment, ultimately supporting our clients’ business operations and long-term growth strategies in the Spanish market. Contact Us

Electronic Certificates

In today’s digital age a Digital Certificate or Digital ID acts as your indispensable virtual passport, unlocking access to a myriad of online transactions and streamlining administrative or legal procedures regardless of your whereabouts. As society progresses towards embracing digitalization, many essential processes are transitioning exclusively online and rendering a Digital ID as essential as a physical passport for seamless navigation through the evolving norms of the “new normal.”

Without such credentials individuals risk being excluded from the convenience and efficiency that digital platforms offer, underscoring the increasing significance of digital identification in contemporary life. Contact Us

Insurance Services

Protecting business assets and operations is paramount. Through our partnerships with international insurance brokers, we offer comprehensive insurance coverage tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our range of insurance solutions extends from property insurance to liability coverage, encompassing various aspects of risk management. By conducting thorough risk assessments and understanding the unique challenges faced by our clients, we provide customized insurance packages designed to mitigate potential threats effectively.

With a focus on proactive risk prevention and swift claims handling, we ensure that our clients receive the necessary support to safeguard their business interests. Our commitment to delivering peace of mind and financial security is unwavering, reflecting our dedication to protecting and preserving the value of our clients’ investments and operations in Spain. Contact Us

Sworn Translations

At Accompany, we possess a unique proficiency in managing intricate Spanish document translations with utmost seamlessness. Within the Spanish regulatory landscape, authorities often stipulate the necessity of sworn translations or the homologation of documents while foreign shareholders frequently demand bilingual deeds to ensure legal clarity.

Leveraging our extensive expertise we meticulously craft accurate translations and foster seamless communication between involved parties, thereby empowering our clients to navigate these nuanced requirements effortlessly. Entrust Accompany to provide not only precise translations but also expert guidance, ensuring a steadfast commitment to compliance and absolute clarity throughout every phase of the process.  Contact Us


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