About Us

We aim to be more than lawyers, accountants or payroll specialists, and like to think of ourselves as your partner for success in Spain. This is what we reflect in our philosophy, the name of our company and our logo, symbolizing “walking together”. We value human interaction over technology, but are leading in terms of digitalization, integration, and automatization as it allows us to streamline processes and to make more time for quality interaction with our clients.


Gert Jan Geerse MBA

Gert Jan is Dutch and has been living and working in Spain since 1991. He holds double MBA and MIM degrees and speaks 6 languages fluently. After a long and successful career in a number of renowned multinational companies, he is now Managing Partner of Accompany Spain and CEO of the Fountainhead Group, a group of companies focussed on providing essential services for small and medium sized companies, leveraging technology to improve quality of service and customer experience.


Pilar Palaus Varea MSC

Pilar is Spanish, has a Masters degree in Law, and speaks 3 languages fluently. She is specialized in Spanish Corporate and Real Estate law, and has extensive experience managing real estate portfolios for banks and family offices. She is member of the Bar Association and the Ilustre Col·legi d’Advocats de Barcelona and is the founder of several companies. Pilar is also the head of the legal department in Accompany Spain and manages company incorporations, shareholder agreements, trade and mercantile litigation and more.

The Team

Our Main Asset

We use the latest FinTech systems with Artificial Intellgence, we work Paperless through Optical Character Recognition, and we are fully Cloud Based on collaborative platforms with Open API’s. However, our main asset continues to be a talented team of committed people that establish meaningful relationships with clients and understand their needs. We firmly believe that, in spite of technological progress, this will not change and we enjoy and foster the human interaction within the team and with our clients.



Our team consists of talent from a variety of backgrounds, so we can successfully bridge cultural or language barriers.


We believe in and promote personal and professional relationships based on trust, mutal understanding and friendliness.


We embrace forward thinking and focus on both current and future needs of our clients in a dynamic environment.

How we Work

Reinventing Professional Services

We leverage technology to provide fast and effective services. Our systems are all cloud based and integrated so we can connect seamlessly to relevant organizations like chambers of commerce, public registers, banks, tax authorities and social security services. We also use technology to streamline our internal processes so we can operate more efficiently, eliminating error, redundancy and data processing tasks with low added value. This way we can have more quality time and personal interaction with our clients.

Cloud Based

Cloud based means 24/7 access to your accounts from anywhere on the planet. Safe, reliable and accessible.


We like trees, so we don’t use any paper. Digital processing is also much faster and always 100% accurate.


Transparent and immediate. Shared information is incorporated instantly and up to date at any time.

Why people Like Us

Building Bridges for Business Results

We navigate the complexities that come with different cultures, customs and languages, recognizing that these challenges are where we can truly shine. We take pride in our ability to serve as a bridge between international entrepreneurs, local business partners, the Spanish marketplace and official authorities. Spain is a challenging market in terms of bureaucracy and can sometimes be time consuming and frustrating. It is also of key importance to understand Mediterranean culture and customs to develop effective relationships.


While we focus on international clients and their needs, we have the local connections that matter.


We are cloudbased and paperless, we have OCR and AI, but our main asset is people that care.


We are able to satisfy expectations by being effective in a complex bureaucratic environment.


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